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Environmental Policy

Artheon’s Commitment to Environmental Policy is simple
“Protecting The Environment, Respect To The Nature And Human Are The Most Important Policies. The Idea Of Environmental Thought Production Is Very Significant. When The Products Reach The End Of Their Service Life, We Spend Much Effort For Them To Be Recycled Without Harming The Environment. We Indicate That This Is The Explanation Of Respect To The Humanity. Using Advanced Technology Reduces The Harm Of Battery To The Nature, And Even It Provides To Be Removed Completely. Necessary Involvements For Recycling Batteries Have Been Made By Considering The Life Span Of The Products. Clients Have Been Informed How To Utilize The Products When The Battery Life Is Expired. Most Of The Production Has Been Made Using The Advanced Computerized Machines And Integrated Systems For Protecting The Environment.”

Our Commitment to Environmental Policy is implemented through documented programs that meet recognized industry standards and the specific requirements of our customers.

We believe that environment & human is the responsibility of every individual. Our environmental programs embrace the teamwork philosophy, vision which involves and requires commitment from every individual. Management supports these programs by providing the tools, training, freedom, and authority necessary to implement at all levels of the organization. Management also provides for open lines of communication and feedback to ensure that the programs function properly.

Through adherence to, and improvement of, our Commitment to our Environmental Policy, we continuously strive to be the leaders in our industry, guided by the core values of trust and integrity.

Our Manufacturing Facility & Marketing Setup
Is Certified To
ISO 9001-2008 & ISO 14001-2004

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