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Telecom Products

Battery for telecom network applications

Availability and quality are the watchwords in today's always-on, connected world. There has never been a greater need for reliable back-up power to meet the high expectations of telecom network operators and their customers. Whatever the application - fixed wire line, cable or cellular - ARHEON can offer the most appropriate battery technology, AGM type SMF/VRLA batteries . This enables us to design, manufacture and supply the optimum, efficient and reliable, back-up power system.
Performance that’s sustainable :
ARTHEON  batteries are designed to meet the specific power challenges of fixed and mobile telecom networks, at switching sites, radio base stations and customer premises, including:

- Environment – remote locations, high operating temperatures (especially in outdoor cabinets), energy saving (by obviating special air-conditioned battery rooms)
- Performance – long life, reliability, robustness and long storage capability
- Simple to use: compatible with Telecom charging systems, low-maintenance or maintenance-free.
- Economics – low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Variety of battery functions:

- Power back-up
-- Outdoor cabinets
-- Compact cabinets (such as in GSM, GSM-R, CDMA and UMTS applications, local loops)
-- Central office back-up in hot climates or in critical / strategic locations
- Start up
-- Diesel generator starting
-- Fuel cell starting
- Renewable Energy Storage
-- Solar and/or wind -powered sites 

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